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Turquoise Mala Beaded Wrap Bracelet

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Adorned with an eclectic mix of Turquoise, Silver, and Mala beads. A classic style never to go out of fashion, the perfect touch to any outfil. This bracelet is hand stitched on a grey leather band and detailed with mala Head beads.

Shimmering, iridescent and sure to get attention this season. This 5 Layer handmade wrap bracelet is the 1st of my 2015 Fall/Winter Collection.


* 3 adjustable closures that measures 32' / 33' / 34' in length (6 - 8 inches).
* Sterling Silver Signature Button Closure
* Talulah Lee Exclusive Design


* Grade 1 - "Full-Grain" eco leather (paraben free), consistent, supple, smooth and durable for this type of bracelet.

* 4 layers of 100% threading to ensure a tight fit between the clusters and the leather. Such thread has a minimal amount of loose strands and fibres and a high tension factor to keep stones, nuggets and crystals aligned and in place.

* Pure galvanized ultra shiny nuggets - will not chip or fade

* Genuine Hematite and Obsidian Stone

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